About Us


ADDIX is currently in operation as a sand-boxed based Internet Exchange Point (IXP) under the supervision and guidance of the Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA)

ADDIX has open membership policy for its Internet Exchange Point. Any ISP, telecom operator, content provider, enterprise, educational institution, or government institution can be a member of ADDIX IXP. All IXP members are treated equally. As ADDIX is not profit-oriented, it can provide the best possible value to its members.

Since ADDIX is not a profit-oriented organization, our service and membership fees are mostly used to strengthen all ADDIX services and infrastructure.  This will ensure that ADDIX infrastructure remains as up-to-date as possible, which in turn brings ADDIX to become one of the top IXPs in the industry.

Values of Addix

Reducing Operational  Costs For ISPs

Highly Improved Service quality

High Availablity 

Low Latency 

Optimized Bandwidth Cost

Enhanced Routing Efficiency